Barker Mohandas

Paliath Mohandas, Co-Founder

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Prior to co-founding Barker Mohandas, Paliath Mohandas led and developed, over a long period of time, all Otis operations in Southeast Asia, where he was responsible for 2,000+ employees and many of the world’s largest and tallest projects. One such project was the world’s then-largest elevator contract, for the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur that he led from start to finish. Others include the UOB, Treasury Building, and Republic Plaza projects in Singapore.

Mohan also led technical and marketing operations for the entire Asia-Pacific region including sales engineering, field technical operations, and product management. He was also responsible for all major, special and transit projects in the area, including the metro line in Singapore. He has also been a member of the Otis worldwide marketing council and strategic planning group, and led all Otis operations in the Middle East based from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and directed marketing strategy at Otis World Headquarters in Connecticut.

Earlier he was with Cosentini Associates Consulting Engineers in New York where he led vertical transportation, and was co-developer of the VT system design for the world’s 1st four modern double deck elevator systems, providing significant core space savings for projects such as the John Hancock Tower in Boston, and the AON Center Chicago (then Standard Oil). See the link to Founders' Past Projects. He co-authored the first-ever paper on planning double deck elevator systems, drafted sections of the ASME-A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, and has guest lectured at Yale University and at Cooper-Union School for the Arts and Sciences.


Résumé, 35+ Years Experience

Barker Mohandas, LLC, USA & Barker Mohandas Consulting Pte Ltd, Singapore

Principal to January 2019 (USA), Director to January 2019 (Singapore)

Otis Elevator Asia Pacific HQ, Singapore
Vice President Southeast Asia, Vice President Marketing &
Strategic Accounts, & Technical Operations for Asia Pacific

Otis Elevator World Headquarters, Connecticut

Worldwide Director of Marketing Strategy

Otis Elevator European HQ, Paris

Director & General Manager Middle East Operations,
Managing Director Saudi Arabia

Cosentini Associates Consulting Engineers, NYC

Department Head - Vertical Transportation

ECE and Otis, India; Evans Lifts and Worthington-Simpson Ltd., UK

Lift Manufacturing Engineer, Field Engineer, Sales Engineer