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Remembering, George Wisner   

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George Wisner passed away on August 22, 2020 after a sudden illness.  All of us at Barker Mohandas deeply miss him, as do all the key people no longer with our firm (pictured under "Experience") who have expressed the same feelings. We all admired George personally and professionally, many of us since our first days working together at Otis. We also witnessed his volunteer work as the Chairman of the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair, where he mentored dozens of students and encouraged young women to enter science and engineering.            


Until his passing he was our Technology Consultant. Earlier he was our Technology Director, leading our special engineering services for power electronics, and applied technologies in power conversion, energy savings, and "wireless" techniques. He had reviewed various elevator manufacturers’ drive products including the 1st practical high power factor regenerative drive for large existing elevator motors. He provided our solutions for non-contact means for reliable power and signals for tall travel elevator cars, including for the world's tallest building.

From 1995-1999 George was Manager of Drives Engineering at the Otis Elevator Worldwide Research & Development Engineering Center. Earlier, he was Manager of Electronic Systems at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC). At Otis, George was instrumental in developing highly reliable “green” power electronics including for the highest rise and speed elevators to 15.0 m/s (about 3000 fpm), and innovatively adapting the technologies for low-speed mass-market elevators and for the modernization of high-speed existing elevators.

At Otis Elevator he was a member of the World HQ Product Strategy team to improve product energy efficiency, led by Rick Barker. George's prior experience included support to Carrier and Otis in resonant link inverters, switched reluctance motors, synchronous and brushless DC motors, energy storage, active noise control, active magnetic bearings, magnetic suspension, low EMI/high power factor correction, and lasers. His work also included spread spectrum technology, and power conversion systems for micro-turbines and fuel cell power generation.

George held a BSEE from the University of Connecticut, was a member of IEEE, had 10 published papers, and 14 patents including a pioneering technique to eliminate traveling electrical cables for elevator cars. George was the Chairman of the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair. He had been a technical and professional mentor to our Principals. We carry on with the knowledge and guidance he shared with all of us.   

His experience also includes:
• 200 kW peak AC regenerative drives for high speed and rise elevators
• Regenerative, unity power factor AC drives for low-rise elevators
• DCPWM convertor technology to modernize existing elevator machines
• Inverter technology providing high AC line power factor and low EMI
• Drive self-commissioning software for cost-effective tuning on site
• Digital processing serving as basis for next-generation elevator drives


Résumé, 30+ Years Experience,
Including Advanced Electronic Systems

Barker Mohandas, LLC, USA
Technology Consultant until his passing
Advanced Technology Director until 2020   

Wisner Associates, Connecticut
Advanced Technology Consultant to Barker Mohandas, LLC

Otis Elevator, Worldwide Research & Development Center, Farmington, Connecticut
Manager, Drives/Power Electronics Engineering

United Technologies Research Center, East Hartford, Connecticut

Manager, Electronic Systems
Chief, Electro-Optic Instrumentation
Supervisor, Electro-Optic Instrumentation
Research Engineer