Barker Mohandas


Software tools developed by us to quickly show and quantify multiple options during Concept or Schematic Design

Unique multi-elevator-group optimizer finds potential solutions for high-rise systems, solving complex combinatoric options

○ Single elevator group traffic calculations within the "optimizer" are more sophisticated than ISO 8100-32 and CIBSE Guide D

○ Quick generation of AutoCAD plans and alternative plans to help establish building cores as early as Concept Design

○ Dispatching simulations when necessary to analyze special traffic situations for a single elevator group within a system

Overall processes which routinely enable "Early" Bidding/Tendering of the VT work by multiple elevator manufacturers

Master engineering tool to provide forces and power data so that Structural & MEP Engineers can progress their designs

Master engineering tool extension for special analyses of power vs. energy, building vs. rope sway, powertrain analyses

CA support including Physical Measurement Technologies' EVA-625 tool to measure motion performance & ride quality