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Ropeless Elevator Diagram

Barker Mohandas Newsletter 03, 22nd Anniversary

In this 'Thank You' edition, we highlight several projects from Clients who persevered through some difficult years and the Architects we worked closely with. Link: Newsletter 03.

Ropeless Elevator Diagram

Barker Mohandas Newsletter 02, 19th Anniversary

We could not wait for our 20th anniversary to issue our 2nd newsletter, to announce that a key principal has re-joined us, highlight our recent work and involvement with new applied technologies, and cover just a few projects since our 1st newsletter in 2010. Link: Newsletter 02.

Ropeless Elevator Diagram

"Harmonized Dispatching & Passenger Interfaces", Elevator World, November 2018

Cover article and project case study on our designs to improve waiting times and passenger interfaces for office buildings over standard destination dispatching, while retaining most techniques at the main lobby introduced by Schindler. Link: Harmonized Dispatching

Ropeless Elevator Diagram

"Sequel: Is 4,000 fpm (20 mps) Enough?", Elevator World, June 2017

As a sequel to an article by Rick Barker at Otis on 10 m/s elevators, this covers the question of single deck elevators/lifts now running at twice that speed, and suggests our industry focus its R&D for tall buildings on rope-less sky-lobby shuttle elevators. Link: Is 20 m/s Enough?

Ropeless Elevator Diagram

"Vertical City: A Solution for Sustainable Living", Kenneth King & Kellogg Wong, 2012-2016

Expert contributor, book on sustainable, super-tall, vertical cities proposed by Architects Kenneth King & Kellogg Wong for China. Starting with the interview in 2012 we suggested a focus on rope-less sky-lobby shuttle elevators. Link: Experts. Link: Chapter. Link: Video.

Technological Advancements Session CTBUH 2015, and Related News on Ropeless Elevators 2016

Chairperson, Technological Advancments Session, CTBUH 2015, NYC: ThyssenKrupp presented their "MULTI" rope-less elevators. Schindler presented other advancements. Barker also commented on TK's R&D step in ENR in 2016. Link: Session 4d CTBUH. Link: ENR January 2016.

Barker Mohandas E-Newsletter 01, 10th Anniversary

Our first e-newsletter on the events of our 10th anniverary in 2010, new key people joining us (Sean Morris, P.E. in Denver & Anand Sivan in Dubai), and some major projects starting and completing at that time. Link: E-Newsletter 01.

CTBUH Mumbai 2010

"Improved VT Design for Super-Tall Buildings", CTBUH Conference, Mumbai

VT system design is presented for three 1km+ tower designs, particularly Al Burj and Nakheel Tower, with innovative solutions for shuttle elevators serving multiple residential zones via sky-lobbies, and a "sky-dock" system for service+firefighters' lifts. Link: Improved VT Design 2010.

Article on Barker Mohandas, Euroasia Industry Magazine

Our firm was featured by Euroasia Industry Magazine in 2008. The article talks about our roots, people, tools, and some major projects during that exciting time, and starts with a group photo of our key technical team members at that time. Link: Euroasia Industry Article.

1km+ Nakheel Tower in Dubai, Architect's Presentation for Team

We were the vertical transportation consultant for this 200+ story tower in Dubai. An overview of its design, reality, and construction progress is covered this video from CTBUH Chicago in 2009, aptly introduced as "a short story about a very tall tower". Link: Presentation by Mark Mitcheson-Low.