Barker Mohandas


We provide a wide range of vertical transportation (VT) consulting services covering the design of new systems, special equipment evaluations, large-scale modernization planning, and special design and engineering services. See our Projects for some insights into our services.


A. New Systems

Our predominant work is the design of new vertical transportation (VT) systems. For tall buildings, services should begin at Concept Design.


Our tools described under Processes enable us to expedite designs to an "early" bidding or tendering stage, most often working remotely.


We typically follow with technical services to review bids or tenders, project submittals, and observe the completed work at milestone times.


B. Existing Systems

We have been involved in a wide range of services for existing elevators/lifts, including for those in the current world's tallest building, and a past world's tallest.


Our master engineering tool is used to analyze equipment issues, improvements, and data recorded and observed. Other tools are used to analyze traffic performance.


We do not, however, offer routine services to manage elevator/lift maintenance, or provide independent safety inspections under various local and national codes.

C. Special Designs & Engineering

Special engineering & design services have increased to examine issues in built tall buildings, and provide a 2nd opinion on a design, recently for the world's tallest tower.


We have also assisted the engineering departments of major elevator manufacturers with "as-built" issues.


The work is rewarding not just to help resolve issues, but reaffirm or ehance our designs for new systems, including for the realities of building operations and elevator company processes being employed in various locales.