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Anand Sivan, Managing Director, Barker Mohandas Middle East (BMME),

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Anand is Managing Director of Barker Mohandas Middle East. In joining us in 2010 he added 30 years of diverse elevator/lift experience in the Middle East and India. Anand has assisted our US firm with major projects such as the King Abdulaziz International Airport near Jeddah, and on-site observations of the existing lifts at Burj Khalifa in Dubai. He has also led directly a long list of projects in the Middle East, now deserving a separate link by CTBUH.

Prior to joining us he led VT consulting for WS Atkins & Partners Overseas for the Middle East and India, where he provided a multi-disciplinary approach for all projects, especially high-rise and complex projects, often engaing the firm's fire safety and accoustical engineers as well. Anand's first interface with us was on the Icon Hotel "Wheel" Building in Dubai, where we were engaged to plan the very custom scenic lifts, and at Atkins he was handling the balance of the project's VT.

Earlier, Anand led marketing and technical services for the Mitsubishi Elevator agent in Bahrain, overseeing their growth to a market leadership position. Anand began his elevator career in 1981 at Otis in India, as graduate engineer trainee. This led to a successful 14 year period in various locations in India, that provided excellent elevator industry training at the time. Prior to moving to the Middle East in 1999, he led Western Region operations in India for Kone from 1994-1998, where he was involved with a number of major projects in Mumbai.

Anand holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Calicut, India. He has guest lectured at the British University in Dubai, and co-authored a paper on Evacuation Strategy presented at the International Elevator Congress, June 2008. He is also a member of the International Association of Elevator Consultants, and the International Association of Elevator Engineers.

Résumé, 30 Years Experience

Barker Mohandas Middle East, Dubai, UAE

Managing Director

WS Atkins & Partners, Middle East & India, Dubai, UAE
Department Head, Vertical Transportation

Mitsubishi Elevator Agent, Syscon Mechanical, Bahrain
Marketing Manager

Kone Elevator India Ltd, India
Regional Manager, Western Region

Otis Elevator Co. India Ltd, India
Various Sales and Field Positions