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Mike Spaner, M.S.E.E., Technical Consultant

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Mike Spaner began his journey with Barker Mohandas in 1999 in advance of our opening in 2000, assisting with the development of our advanced software tools used for VT traffic-system design.  He has also been a key Principal of our firm.


As Principal, Mike was involved in the VT system design for a variety of large-scale and tall building projects, including the 200-story Nakheel Tower in Dubai, Queen City Square II (Great American Tower) in Cincinatti, Marina 106 in Dubai, Al Faisaliah II in Riyadh, and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.  He has also assisted with our technical review services for the Construction Administration stage of PNB 118 in Kuala Lumpur.


Mike began his elevator career at the Otis Worldwide Research & Development Center, where he developed digital signal processing for measuring human perception to vibration, evaluated performance of elevator machines, developed electrical systems for passenger interfaces, and software to automate factory contract engineering.


At Otis he co-invented a solid state safety control design, resulting in one of Otis' most successful products. He later assisted Rick Barker at Otis World HQ with traffic studies for the Odyssey™ system, and then was International Project Manager at Otis European HQ for the development of a “machine-room-less (MRL) ” elevator in response to the Kone MonoSpaceŽ. Mike was also Senior Systems Engineer for Remote Elevator Monitoring (REM).


After Otis, Mike joined Softcraft Laboratory, when he assisted Barker Mohandas in developing software tools for traffic-system planning and drawing automation.  This included the development of our multi-group "optimizer" tool.


Mike has also been Global Director of Technical Service at Nel Hydrogen, where he managed the service of a global fleet of laboratory, industrial and energy storage products. He led a global field service operations team, in-house technical support center, the strategic growth of aftermarket offerings, and service partner network.


Mike holds a MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), a BSc degree in same from the the University of Connecticut, and 4 U.S. patents.




Barker Mohandas, USA
Technical Consultant

Nel Hydrogen / Proton Onsite, Connecticut

Global Director of Technical Service
Program Engineering Manager
Principal Engineer
Senior Controls Engineer

Consultant to Barker Mohandas, Connecticut

Software Consultant, Optimization Tool & Parametric CAD Tool

Softcraft Laboratory, Connecticut

Senior Consulting Engineer

Otis Worldwide Research & Engineering Center, USA & France

International Project Manager, Paris
Senior Systems Engineer, Technical Team Leader, Connecticut
Electrical Engineer, Connecticut