Barker Mohandas


We provide vertical transportation (VT) consulting services covering the design of new systems, equipment evaluations, modernization planning, and special design and engineering services. See our Projects and Processes for better insights into our services for a wide range of engagements.


A. New Systems

Our predominant work is the design of new vertical transportation (VT) systems, where our services for high-rise buildings should begin at Concept Design.


Our tools described under Processes help us expedite detailed designs for large scale systems to a very beneficial "early" bidding/tendering stage.


We then typically follow with technical services for reviews of bids/tenders and project submittals, and observations of completed work at milestone times.


B. Existing Systems

We have been involved in a wide range of services for existing elevators/lifts, including as the lead consultant for large scale maintenance and modernization bidding.


Our tools covered under Processes are used to analyze existing elevators and systems for their performance capacities, including for changes in building occupancy.


We do not, however, offer routine services to review and help manage elevator maintenance work, and perform and witness safety code inspections and tests.

C. Special Designs & Engineering

Special design and engineering services have increased steadily, often involving issues in existing tall buildings, including "second opinion" assistance to the engineering departments of some major manufacturers.


The work is rewarding to dig deeply into an issue and help solve it, while reaffirming or ehancing our own designs with the realities of tall building operations, and the processes and skills employed today in various locales.