Barker Mohandas

MORE ON NEWS 2008-2017

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Ropeless Elevator Diagram

"Vertical City: A Solution for Sustainable Living" by Kenneth King & Kellogg Wong (2015).

In 2012 Rick Barker was an expert contributor in technology for sustainable super-tall vertical cities proposed by Architects Kenneth King & Kellogg Wong for urban China. A focus is sky-lobbies and rope-less elevators. Link: Interview/Chapter. Link: 15 Minute Film in 2016 (R. Barker at 4:30, 7:50, 14:20).

E-Newsletter 01, 10th Anniversary

Our first (and to date only) e-newsletter. In 2010 we announced our 10th anniverary, new people Sean Morris, PE in Denver (who is now a key Principal) and Anand Sivan as our Managing Director in Dubai, and some major projects then starting or completing. Link: E-Newsletter 01.

CTBUH Mumbai 2010

Presentation, "Improved VT Design for Super-Tall Buildings", CTBUH Conference, Mumbai

VT system design is presented for three 1km+ tower designs, particularly Al Burj and the Nakheel Tower, with innovative solutions for shuttle elevators serving multiple residential sky-lobbies, and a "sky-dock" system for service/firefighter lifts. Link: Presentation at CTUBH Mumbai 2010.

Article on Barker Mohandas, Euroasia Industry Magazine

Our firm was featured in an article by Euroasia Industry Magazine in early 2008. The article talks about our roots, people, tools, and depicts some of the projects we could show during that exciting time. Link: Euroasia Industry Article.

Nakheel Tower, Dubai

We were the vertical transportation consultant for this 200+ story, 1 km+ tower in Dubai. An overview of the design and project reality with construction progress is covered in this CTBUH Chicago presentation by the Architect in 2009. Link: Presentation by Mark Mitcheson-Low.