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Nakheel Harbour Tower, Dubai, UAE
Architect: Woods Bagot Middle East

World One

World One Tower, Mumbai
Architects: Pei Cobb Freed. Somaya & Kalappa.

Bitexco Financial Tower HCMC

Bitexco Financial Tower, HCMC, Vietnam
Architects: Carlos Zapata Studio NY. AREP.

Queen City Square Cincinnati

Queen City Square Phase I & II, Cincinnati, Ohio
Architect: HOK, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Warsaw Spire Poland

Warsaw Spire, Warsaw, Poland
Architect: Jaspers-Eyers, Brussels.


Al Burj (formerly Palm Tower), Dubai, UAE
Architect: Pei Partnership Architects.

Alrriyadh Tower, Riyadh, KSA
Architect: ECHO Architecture, London


Shenyang IFC, Shenyang, PRC
Architects: Pei Partnership Architects. AEDAS.


PetroVietnam Tower, Hanoi, Vietnam
Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli.


Anara Tower (Tameer SZR Super High Rise), Dubai
Architect: Atkins Middle East.


High Tech Tower, Luanda, Angola
Architect: Carlos Zapata Studio, NYC

High Rise and Tall Buildings

Nakheel Tower, Dubai, UAE. Link to CTBUH.
System design through design development. Mixed used tower to be over 200 stories and the world's tallest.

PNB 118, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Link to CTBUH.
System design through construction administration (CA) services. Super tall office and hotel tower. Under construction.

World One Tower, Mumbai, India. Link to CTBUH.
System design through project submittals. World's tallest all-residential tower at 117 stories. Under construction.

World View & World Crest Towers, Mumbai, India. Link to CTBUH.
System design. 82 and 57 story residential towers on World One site. 2nd tower under construction.

Bitexco Financial Tower, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Link to CTBUH.
System design through project submittals. 68 story office. Country's 1st double deck lifts in city's tallest tower. Complete.

Great American Tower at Queen City Square (Phase II), Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Link to CTBUH.
System design through CA services. High-rise office tower and parking garage. City's tallest building. Complete.

Visionaire Project, Battery Park City Site 3, New York, NY. Link to CTBUH.
System design through CA services. Special effort related to LEED® Platinum. Luxury apartment tower. Complete.

Visionaire Project, Battery Park City Site 3, New York City
Special "green" study on improving elevator energy efficiency, and design for early self-powered rescue feature.

Al Burj (Palm Tower), Dubai, UAE. Link to CTBUH.
System design and innovations through design development. Iconic 1km tall tower planned for the Dubai Waterfront.

Warsaw Spire, Warsaw, Poland. Link to CTBUH.
System re-design through tendering. Tall office building. Country's 2nd tallest and 1st double deck lifts. Complete.

New SAMBA Bank HQ, King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh, KSA. Link to CTBUH.
System design through project submittals. High-rise landmark office tower with large podium. Complete.

Reforma 432, Mexico City, Mexico. Link to CTBUH
System design from concepts to bid documents. Landmark high-rise office tower with large retail and car park.

Torre Sacyr-Vallehermoso, Madrid, Spain. Link to CTBUH.
System design review and improvements, special dispatching design. 50+ story hotel and office. Complete.

TD Ameritrade Headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
System design through construction administration. New corporate HQ for TD Ameritrade. Complete.

Latitud Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico. Link to Client's Website.
System design review and improvments. Large two tower and podium project. Complete.

Hudson's Site, Detroit, Michigan, USA Link to Client's Website.
System design in progress for large cultural and tall tower project in Detroit.

High Tech Tower, Luanda, Angola
System design for landmark two-tower project with large four-story podium.

Al Zhozoma Centre (Al Faisaliah II), Riyadh, KSA. Link to CTBUH.
System design. Tall landmark office building with luxury hotel and spa. Large retail podium and car park.

Shenyang International Finance Center (IFC), Shenyang, PRC. Link to CTUBH.
Concept and schematic design. Tall office building with multiple sky-lobbies. To be one of China's tallest buildings.

Hermitage Plaza, Paris, France. Link to CTBUH.
Redesign studies for 1 of 2 towers for change in occupancy stacking. Comments on new applied lift technologies.

Alrriyadh Project (formerly Ritz Carlton Riyadh), Riyadh, KSA
System design. Tall multi-use. Luxury hotel, serviced apartments, office building and convention centre.

PetroVietnam Tower, Hanoi, Vietnam. Link to CTBUH.
Initial system design complete. Tall tower plus 2nd high-rise tower and connecting podium.

Anara Tower (Tameer SZR Super High-Rise), Dubai, UAE. Link to CTBUH.
Initial design complete. Multi-use tower 125+ stories. Special units of vertical transportation at top of tower.

RP One Tower, Dubai, UAE. Link to CTBUH.
Initial design stages for tower to be Dubai's 2nd tallest with residential, hotel and “sky-deck” spaces.

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), Kuwait City. Link to CTUBH.
Various initial design services. Tall single occupant corporate headquarters office building.

New Cuffe Parade, Wadala, Mumbai, India. Link to CTBUH.
System design improvements. 10 residential towers at 50-60 stories each. Total of 90 main high-rise lifts.

The Forbes Financial Center, New Cuffe Parade, Wadala, Mumbai, India. Link to CTBUH.
High-rise office tower. System design with plans for India's first double deck lifts to handle high populations.

Miapolis Project, Vertical City of the Americas, Miami, FL. Link to CTBUH.
Concept and pre-schematic designs for 100+ story multi-use project in Miami.

Faria Lima Project, São Paulo, Brazil. Link to CTUBH.
System design through bid documents. High-rise office tower project. Also called Birmann 32.

Marina 101 Project, Dubai, UAE. Link to CTBUH.
Design review and improvements. 100+ story apartment and hotel with car park.

Marina 106 Project, Jacob Tower, Dubai, UAE. Link to CTBUH.
100+ story residential tower with car park.

King Abdullah Financial District Parcels 2.09, 2.14, 4.07 & 4.08, Riyadh, KSA. CTBUH link for KAFD Complex.
System design. Multiple high-rise building complex. Office and residential towers. Fast track construction.

King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), Parcel 1.11, Riyadh, KSA.
System design. Medium-rise landmark office building. 1 of our 3 projects in the KAFD complex..

Agribank Headquarters Towers, Hanoi, Vietnam
55 and 35 story high-rise office towers. Includes double deck lifts.

Bank of China, Suzhou, PRC
Base system design. HIgh-rise office building complex in Suzhou.

Mumbai Textile Mills Project, Worli, Mumbai, India
System design. 6 residential towers at 65-70 stories each. Customized destination dispatching design.

Limitless Buildings MX01-MX04, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE
System design through tendering. 2 office buildings, 2 apartment towers, pedestrian bridge. Construction halted.

O & O Luxury Apartment Tower & Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Initial system design. Tall luxury residential tower. Special zoning design for lifts. Wide-rise luxury hotel.

Tall Building, Golden Triangle Area, Jakarta, Indonesia
Concept and pre-schematic design for landmark tall office building schemes.

New York University, NYC
System design studies. Separate studies for speical elevator equipment.

Pudong X3-2 Project, Shanghai, PRC
Special system system for large floor plate high-rise office. Double deck glass lifts in interior-exterior atrium.

Al Abdali Tower "1A", Amman, Jordan
System design. High-rise office tower. To be country's tallest.

Limitless Project, Zone 3 Central Plaza, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE
Concept design. Very large gateway project to Jebel Ali, at station of new light rail transit system.

Gulf Tower, Undisclosed Location
Conceptual designs for Foster + Partners for 100+ story tower.

Mixed-Use Tower, Retail & Car Park, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Concept design study for project engineer.

Shanghai Z3 Project Competition Finalist, Pudong, Shanghai, PRC
KPF-LERA-ARUP-BM team design for China’s next-tallest building. Use of Barker Mohandas "sky-dock" concepts.

Rotating Tower, Dubai, UAE. Link to CTBUH.
Concept designs for tall mixed-use tower where each floor rotates individually.

Rotating Tower, Moscow, Russia. Link to CTBUH.
VT system design for tall mixed-use tower where each floor rotates individually.

Jebel Ali Tower, Dubai, UAE
System design studies for a mile-high building, and technology vs. technique engineering studies for lift equipment.

World Trade Center Competition, 1 of 7 Finalists, Lower Manhattan. Link to LMDC Page.
Concept design for architects Meier, Eisenman, Gwathmey Siegel and Holl. 5-towers with sky-bridges.

Centene New Headquarters, St. Louis, MO
Elevator traffic-system studies for various high-rise building schemes.

Shaleen Tower, Amman, Jordan
Concept studies for wide-rise project. Traffic-system-code studies for alternative lift schemes.

CAB Project São Paulo, Brazil
High-rise office. VT traffic-system design.

Tall Building Hotel Complex, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Concept stage vertical transportation design services for tower portion of project.

Torre Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil
High-rise office tower, parking garage, and multiple-level retail.

Americana Project, 218-226 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
High-rise mixed-use project. Apartments and retail. Automobile lifts for valet parking garage.

Almaty Towers, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Concept stage design services, twin landmark high-rise towers joined with sky-bridges.

El Condor Project, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
High-rise multi-purpose building to be country’s 2nd tallest building.

Pudong X3-2 Project (1st Development Proposal for Site), Shanghai, PRC
Twin 50-story offices. Western elevator traffic performance at Shanghai occupancy densities.

Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE
VT traffic-system study and concept for initial design team. Very tall mixed use building.

Karachi Port Trust Tower, Karachi, Pakistan
Concept design study. Very tall office and hotel building. Part of KPT redevelopment.

Grand Hyatt, Islamabad, Pakistan
VT system design services, high-rise hotel, large multi-use podium.

Tall Tower, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Concept design services for tower envisioned to be Country's tallest.

Victoria Interchange Redevelopment Programme, London, UK
Studies for tallest tower of multi-building complex at Victoria Station for a UK lift consultant.

Horizen Hotel, 653 11th Avenue, NYC
Initial design studies only. New hotel development using existing building hoistway structure.

1601 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA
Multi-use complex in downtown Philadelphia. Initial traffic-system design services.

DestinNY USA, Syracuse, NY. Link to CTBUH.
Concept and schematic level traffic-system studies, first of several high-rise hotels for development proposal.

Qingdao Fortune Tower, Qingdao, PRC
Schematic-level traffic-system design studies. Tall mixed-use project.

Qingdao Golden Beach Project, Qingdao, PRC
Schematic-level planning services for lifts for high-rise apartments.

Satrio Development, Jakarta, Indonesia
VT traffic-system and planning study. New multi-building high-rise office complex.


King Abdulaziz International Airport Phase 1, KSA
Main Design Consultant:  ATKINS (multiple offices).


Miami Science Museum, Miami, Florida.
Architects: Grimshaw. Rodriquez & Quiroga.


King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
Near Jeddah, KSA. Architect: HOK (Multiple Offices)


Yongsan International Business District Project R6,
Seoul, Korea. Architects: REX. Mooyoung.


Macao Science Center, Macao, SAR China
Architect:  IM Pei with Pei Partnership Architects.


Sky-Lifts, Icon Hotel, Dubai Promenade, UAE.
Main Consultant:  WS Atkins & Partners Overseas.


United States National Slavery Museum, VA
Architect: Pei Partnership Architects.


National September 11 Memorial Musem & Pavilion,
New York. Architects: Snøhetta. Adamson.


RPI Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center,
Troy NY. Architects: Grimshaw. Davis Brody Bond.


Living Wall Project, Amman, Jordan
Architect:  Foster + Partners.

"Wide-Rise" and Medium Rise


King Abdulaziz International Airport - Phase 1, Near Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
System-traffic studies, plans, specifications - 540 units of VT (lifts, escalators, moving walkways). Complet

Miami Science Museum, Miami, Florida, USA
Landmark museum. Vertical-horizontal circulation studies. Custom scenic elevators. Under construction.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Near Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Design services through tendering lifts. Multiple campus building complex involving 76 lifts. Complete.

Yongsan International Business District, Project R6, Seoul, Korea
VT system design and circulation studies for landmark building.

Macau Science Center, Macau, SRC
"Leaning" elevator with designs for high ride quality, 20m rise "wave" escalators with horizontal mid-section.

Icon Hotel "Wheel" Building, Dubai, UAE
Design of very special "Sky-Lifts", where structural helices for glass hoistway also support lift rails.

Queen City Square Phase I, Cincinnati, OH
Full services. Medium-high rise office building and parking garage. Complete. (Also see Phase II.)

United States National Slavery Museum, Fredericksburg, VA, USA
Landmark museum. Vertical-horizontal circulation study and VT system design services.

National September 11 Memorial Musem & Pavilion, New York, NY
VT traffic-system studies for various initial designs for the project. Select services for final design.

RPI, Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center (EMPAC), Troy, NY, USA
Concert hall & theaters. Passenger traffic enters/exits at top of building via "MRL" lifts in glass hoistway.

"Living Wall" Complex, Amman, Jordan
5-building (office, hotel, apartment, medical, retail, car park) complex built into hillside. Complex traffic studies.

491-497 Greenwich Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City
Luxury residential project, custom machine-below "under-slung" elevators. (Barker Mohandas' first project.)

New Chinese Embassy, Washington, DC
VT system design services through schematic design stage. Design details completed by others. Complete.

Dr DY Patil University School of Business, Mumbai, India
VT system design services. Large academic project.

Asian Cultural Center, Multiple Buildings & Park, Gwangju, Korea
Design concepts, very large concealed lifts to bring tractor-trailer trucks below ground, inclined passenger lifts.

TwoFour54° - Blocks L, E and H - Zone 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE
VT system design. Series of low, medium and high-rise multi-use buildings, multi-media studios.

United Nations Economic Commission (UNECA) for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Traffic-system design review studies. New HQ office building for UNECA in Ethiopia.

Limitless Car Park Project MX05, Dubai, UAE
Very large car park, with pedestrian bridge. Lift destination dispatching simulations, evening peak traffic.

Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, PRC
Low-rise multi-building project. Design for lifts with very limited vertical space. Complete.

Hudson River Park Restaurant & Boathouse, New York, NY
Planning assistance for elevator and dumbwaiters located on a pier.

Washington University, School of Medicine, L&T Center, St. Louis, MO, USA
Concept design services only. New vertical transportation system.

Highline, NYC - Conversion of Old Elevated Freight Railway to Public Park
Design for custom, outdoor roped hole-less glass elevators for street access locations to Highline.

Cornell School of Architecture, Milstein Hall, Ithaca, NY
Elevator planning for new school of architecture building. IBC code study on accessible lifts.

Arp Museum, Rollandseck, Germany
Schematic design studies and plans for inclined elevators versus vertical elevators for hillside access.

Wadsworth Atheneum Project, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Conversion of Old Hartford Times Building into multi-use facility for museum.

University of Rochester Medical Center - New Cancer Center, Rochester, NY, USA
Traffic-system design services for conventional elevators. Not final design.

Northampton County Courthouse Complex, Easton, PA, USA
New elevators for new annex for county courthouse and jail complex.

Joint USAF/RAF Base, Mildenhall, UK
International code analysis for various USA vs. UK standards and codes for disabled persons.

Central Park Square, Missouri, USA
Schematic planning assistance. Low-rise office building. New conventional traction elevators.

New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan, New York City (Shelved After 911)
Vertical transportation system design, studies on automated book handling. Raise building from 8 to 15 stories.

Battery Parks Commission Parks Conservancy, Lower Manhattan, New York City
Master plan study. New HQ of Parks Conservancy with passenger elevators and very large freight elevator(s).

Lehigh County Courthouse Complex, Allentown, PA, USA
New annex courthouse, and renovation of existing building.

Camelview Village, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Evaluate reliability performance for purchase of a "machine-room-less" elevator product for multiple buildings.

Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City
Planning assistance, very special new lift having doors in 3 locations on the car, as safety improvement.

Olde North Third, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Assistance selecting and planning “machine-room-less” equipment.

Horizen 23rd Street Mixed-Use Condominium, New York City
Landmark tower, custom elevator machinery plan and cantilevered glass lift for adjacent high-rise home.




Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE. Architect: SOM.
Direct Client: Samsung-Besix-Arabtec JV.


Chicago Spire. Design Architect: Santiago Calatrava.
Direct Client: Buro Happold Engineers.


Incheon 151. Architect: John Portman & Associates.
Direct Client: Samsung C&T.


Time Warner Center, NY. Architect: SOM.
Direct Client: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Engineering.


Sears (now Willis) Tower. Architect: SOM.
Direct Client: Schindler Elevator Engineering.


Russia Tower, Moscow. Architect: Foster + Partners.
Direct Client: Turner International.


Special Studies, Reviews, Existing


Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE
Post-completion engineering review product design & VT design for 10m/s double deck lifts to OB deck.

Chicago Spire, Chicago, IL
Special VT design review role starting with selection of working elevator consultant. 2000 ft residential tower.

Incheon 151, Incheon, Korea
Peer review of vertical transportation design for super-tall building for Owner team.

Time Warner Center, New York
Design review power electronics drives vs. electrical system, manufacturer's then-fastest elevators in USA.

Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), Chicago
Special engineering assistance to elevator manufacturer, highest rise & speed elevators to observation deck.

Moscow City Tower, Moscow, Russia
Peer review of vertical transportation design for tall building for Turner International.

Heron Tower, London
Review short-listed lift manufacturers' capabilities for double deck destination dispatching for UK lift consultant.

20 Blackfriars Road, London
Independent system design review of double deck lift system for Land Securities and a UK lift consultant.

Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, PRC
Special product component engineering reviews for manufacturer for 10 m/s double deck shuttle elevators.

Elevator Modernization Studies, 5 High-Rise Buildings (including 1345 Avenue of the Americas, NYC)
Introduce & study new regenerative DCPWM drives with high power factor for existing elevators.

Kemper Cost Management - JPMorganChase Property in New York
Motor & control design evaluation vs. maintenance requirements, claimed failure of 20 motor-generators.

60 Thomas Street, New York City
Convert elevator machine from old winding drum to traction with roping changes, and DC to AC Power.

Hilton Hotels International, London
Assist a UK lift consultant with master specifications for large international hotel operator.

Kemper Cost Management - JPMorganChase Properties in New York City Metropolitan Area
Assistance re-bidding elevator maintenance for 325 existing elevators, considered largest such contract in NYC.

OSF Healthcare System, 5 Cities in Illinois, USA
Maintenance evaluation 85 existing elevators. Master modernization and maintenance specifications.

Quintard Manor, Stamford, CT, USA
Fast-track modernization for single elevator in existing residential building with disabled & elderly residents.

Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Redesign services, replace hydraulic powertrain for very large museum service elevator.

LeMeridien Hotel, Beverly Hills, California
Maintenance and system evaluation, due diligence study for acquisition.

Le Royal Meridien King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Evaluation for modernization, old historic hotel, as part of due diligence study for acquisition.

5-Building Modernization Project including 1345 Avenue of the Americas, New York City
Master consultant role. Review of modernization specifications prepared by Owner's regular consultant in NYC.

Northampton County Courthouse Complex, Easton, PA, USA
Modernization of existing passenger and freight elevators in courthouse.

Northampton County, Easton, PA, USA
Maintenance evaluation and re-bidding of all county elevators. Work in process.

UNC Business School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Determine scope of work and code research. Extend travel for newer existing hydraulic elevators.

1601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Evaluation of elevator maintenance and system, existing high-rise office building.

1700 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Evaluation of elevator maintenance and system, existing high-rise office building.