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We are vertical transportation (VT) consultants providing system design, evaluation and modernization services for elevators or lifts, escalators, etc. We are based in the US and provide services for projects worldwide.



In 2000, Rick Barker & Paliath Mohandas combined their exceptional elevator industry experience with manufacturers, contractors, and building consulting engineers to open our company in the US.

Others soon joined adding elevator R&D engineering depth, and assistance in starting the powerful software tools we expanded and use to plan and evaluate large-scale systems and any elevator/lift in detail.

In 2010, Sean Morris, P.E., who is now a key Principal, joined to strengthen our VT system planning and engineering services, and we opened an office in Dubai led by Anand Sivan who has grown our roots regionally. 



We have not taken the easy, common path.  The background of so many elevator consultants today is limited to regional sales with a manufacturer, and their technical resources tend to be very limited.  

While planning for manufacturers' standards is important where possible, many buildings are far from standard, and high-rise system design and engineering issues demand a broader and deeper technical knowledge.

As Architects plan more complex projects and reach higher, Codes evolve, and issues appear, Owners seek comfort in elevator/lift systems which are planned and perform properly, efficiently and safely.



We deeply understand "VT" traffic-system design, the building interfaces and Codes, the history of the standards with applications today, the engineering of the actual products, and our industry's most advanced technologies.

As importantly, we have a solid track record with a wide variety of work, from "wide-rise" planning with very complex traffic circulation, to the world's tallest and most complex projects, systems, and as-built conditions.




*R. Barker, Technology Contributor, "Vertical City: A Solution for Sustainable Living" by Kenneth King and Kellogg Wong.